In every culture to have a home, how is buid show the conception of his way to be, in the culture of the Aborigines in Australia, those that there were not adapted the concept of home is a concept in its own right, they are living of nomadic in closely with the nature and with a deep respect for the natural elements, living in caves and structures made with vegetation. In culture Chinas and in several cultures of the  Southeast Asia in Feng Shui in the home you must find the harmony with the elements, in  East in generally the houses are much smaller than in the West, a one family can to livealso in 30 square meters. In  West is now imposed on the model that bigger = more beautiful. Don't thinking about the energy waste, at the environmental destruction with eco-monsters, and our waste of energy and economic  to keep our homes, looking the other cultures we could take inspiration for a new way to live minimalist.

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