Many people following the common thought they work in a wheel made by the system in wich need to work,to produce to consume.  It sells their time for a waged work, many times neglecting our affections and passions, don't realizing that the real wealth is a full life of passions in wich you manage your time,stay with our family, to do that that you have always dreamed, just changing our way to see the things get out by this wheel, instead there are people who have decide to live without money as the german woman Heidemarie Schwermer a psycoterapist who in 1996 decided to radically change the way to live let his home and his studio, canceled the wealth insurance, for to start a new life without money, based on hospitality, the exchange and the reciprocity and founded an association"Gib und Nimm"  translated "Give and Take" . Mark Boyle's  story, an ex entrepreneur  in the field of organic farming, laureate in  economics in 2008, he decided to live without money and decided to transfer to a caravan in middle of nature, self-producing and cultivating what they need, he has created "Thefreeconomycommunity" with the purpose to create relationships of exchange bey ween people. The stories of these two people that they have change their life are illuminating and show us that the money doesn't the only means of  solution our problems. 


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