In pursuit of adding meaningful possessions to our life, we end up with a meaningless existence. We live as if we are never to die and we die as if we had never lived. How ironic is that! A sense of competition, prominence and superiority has incarcerated mankind so much so that they have bewildered from the path of righteousness, consideration and peace-making. The perception of acquiring power, supremacy and command has rendered human beings incapable of fathoming and is led to a state of unrest, dissatisfaction and gluttony at individual level and inculcated a state of turmoil and war at International level. No one now is secure from falling victim to the veracious circle of ‘desire for more’. The only phenomena mankind can possibly find refuge in, is the minimalistic view of life. As discomforting it may apparently seem but it does lead to more broader and enlightened perspective of lifestyle. Man of the present day has unfortunately forgotten his very innate instinct of seeking peace and harmony at both inter-personal and intra-personal level. Wars, use of weaponry, distress between nations etc are indicators of human struggle to attain sovereignty and dominance, the two characteristics that rest better with Our Creator. Isn’t it the contrast and dissimilarities among human beings that render the mankind beautiful? The enlightenment and supremacy of human landscape lies in differences of age, color, creed, caste, religion and nationality etc and assimilating this one fact can eradicate war from the face of Earth. Peace always holds an upper hand on war. The forces of peace can pronounce over ignorance, illiteracy, decadence, physical abuse, and poverty and government coercion. A non-violent and bloodless triumph with no disfigured limbs, mutilated bodies, scorched landscape etc is undoubtedly more human than running down streams of blood and spurring havoc. Appreciation of Minimalistic Lifestyle requires one to possess the acumen of discriminating between vital and essential needs of a comforting life and superfluous unnecessary possessions. A man who doesn’t know how to stay happy and content from what he is or has, will never find anything adequate enough to fulfill his life’s uncalled-for desires. For majority of the people arrested in the claws of poverty, decent clothing, fine food and a roof above the head means the world to them. On the contrast, privileged class of people cannot satisfy their covetous and greedy instincts even with surfeiting variety of scrumptious foods on the table, luxurious bungalows and out-flowing closets. The question that rises here is that how much is less to be less or how much is more to be satisfied from? The insatiable human nature clouds the discernment. We have sentenced our lives to yearn for exotic possessions, long for higher authority and status and hanker after keeping in pace with latest trends and fashions. All this is done on the cost of undermining the value and realization of what we have at the present. Minimalism is thus the key to the doors of self-sufficiency, sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in life- the ultimate goal of our existent efforts! Every aspect of life from relations to living styles to livelihood to bandage to travelling to food habits so on and so forth can be ‘minimalized’. Cutting down on opulence and lavishness will in no way harm anyone’s integrity or social stature but in fact earn him time to understand and appreciate his life-long non-materialistic earnings and blessings of God. It’s high time that we grasp the fact that happiness is not a goal that can be accomplished with endless efforts. It is in fact a state of mind- a life well-lived!

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