Before to choose a minimalist lifestyle starts an internal process with many questions to which it begins to give shape and answers in which can be glimpsed in many objects as they were superfluos and how we must work to possess them, to space and time us occupy, the thought has begun its process and soon  you begin to apply it to reality. The environment around us can affect our way of thinking and seeing the reality. In negative situation  with attitude and negative thoughts close our mental horizons increasing the perception of  fear brake the thrust that bring us to the improvement and change. Tackling the life with positive thinking leads us to see the things in a constructive way and to make choise more creative that can focus the positive energy in our world. Is our inner world that creates the outside and we create our whole world by our way of thinking. If you want a better life you need to try to do happy thoughts and focus on the good and positive things in life. With the awareness of this our positive thought must be addressed to create a better reality for our lives and that of the others.

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