The life goes and many of us live as if they had an unlimited amount of time. How many times we don't give enough importance to our time that passes, we use it to distract us while watching tv, for laze about, days that pass a alike...
Postponing what we would really like to do maybe one day"when i will be able" postponing our dreams and our aspirations, forgetting that THE LIFE IS NOW. By real minimalist make decluttering  on superfluous activities  that absorb our time, less tv, less video games, less negative people that absorb our energy, fewer days in out shopping, less hours in front of the internet, less  procrastination and delay and more life social, more time for our interest and dreams and give himself objectives  to achieve and remember this  chinese proverb that i read on the web"A crumb of gold cannot buy a crumb of time".

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