A choice that can be done by good minimalist is live without tv, the tv can be addictive, many times we come at home and turn on  the tv automatically only for  background noise to spend hours and hours  to zap between channels. One of the first positive sides without tv is that  we find  ourselves  with  a free  space  in home  and with less energetic waste. One of the fears is that you get bored without tv, but rather  you gain free time to do many other things, rear a good book, go outside for a walk, to do a hobby , etc... Another positive side is the mental freedom  from an object that makes us suffer the information in a  passive way to a wealth of information and advertising that come into our homes and encourage us to buy products that don't even need and ongoing fake reality in which we are conform. To live without the tv makes us come up with much more free time without conditionings. Us can to start to turning off the tv for a little bit of time and we realize immediately that our house is much quieter in terms of noise and visual pollution, and how much mental freedom and more free time has to live our lives in a creative way.

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