Living without a car is possible and allows us great freedom unlike what you think. Use the car every day is a very wasteful expense, including fuel, insurance, maintenance of the car and change the car when it is used you spend a lot money every year. The use of the car contributes to pollution and global warming of the earth. Stay in the car in traffic queues causes us stress, being many hours in the car in time may cause problems to our health and the disc of the spine that are subjected to intensity effort unsuitable. The alternatives to live a life without a car there are but we  need to change mentality. Go on foot, the man has moved on foot for millennia, but in our consumerist world becomes more and more difficult to make short trips without taking the car , going to walk we discover the value of slowness.
Ride a bicycle we spare to queue up in traffic and will be good for our health, making  us feel the pleasure of travelling with the wind on the face.
For one who lives in cities, can opt for public transport. For longer journeys we can choose the train or bus, we could socialize with other travelers or enjoy. The reading a book, regaining of our time to think and rediscover the sense of the journey.

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