What is a minimalist lifestyle? Don't become a minimalist in a day it's a slow process, moreover, possessions tie you down  to a place, when you own less, you will be free to move whenever  you want. There  are  many rewards of adopting this lifestyle, when you own a few things you have more freedom, more opportunities to meet people  and less stress. A minimalist prepare a budget keeping in mind only the necessities. Buy only what you actually cannot do without, make a list of things to buy at the beginning of every month and stick to it. When we go to do the grocery shopping we try to go on a full stomach, according to research on an empty stomach we tend to buy food and things more than necessary. Do not carry credit cards when you go out to avoid giving in to temptations, or better yet cancel our credit card and avoid costs. How many magazines and newspaper have you subscribed to? Why not instead read the electronic copies? Why do you need catalogs  when you can see the same products on the internet? What do you do with magazines after you've read them? How about joining a library instead, you can read it  and return it, plus it's a lot cheaper. Unsubscribe from all newspaper, magazines, newsletter and catalogs that are available online or in your local library. A minimalist lifestyle means reducing your goals. The idea is to set your priorities straight and work towards the most important goals. When you work on fewer goals , your focus will be higher and you are more likely to succeed. When you accomplish a goal, then add another on to your list and work  towards it. We have numerous commitments everyday: work, home, community task, hobbyes, etc. Try to reduce your commitments, the ones that are not in sync with your beliefs. Relationships are good, but it is important to know when to switch  off that blackberry and log off from networking site. Constant distractions will make you used to the attention, and you will always require it to fell important and happy. If you cannot change a negative situation, why waste time worrying about it and get negative. Negative emotions affect yor well-being  and health. Holding grudges against people will affect you more negatively than you think, jealousy will only make you more bitter. Learn to accept and appreciate yourself, forgive people and try to forget unpleasant experiences. Being positive is important when maintaining a minimalist lifestyle. This lifestyle will extend to each aspect of your life, the bottom line is to keep it simple. Try to live by motto "Less is More"; once you get rid of the passion to possess, your will be able to appreciate the simple things in life. 

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