Minimalism is a way of life that means simplicity. It is not so aggressive in comparison with ego centric life and believes in simple procedure for life. In minimalism the leading force is delicacy of feelings. It proffers easy structures, simplicity, self-assurance, and a straightforward philosophy, which leads to satisfaction. Our current society is built on achievement and activity. The insight is that active people are judged smart, creative and interesting. Anybody can choose a minimalist lifestyle and once you choose this lifestyle you will able to know the advantages. You may have too much money and many choices for a better life. But which type of life will give you peace and satisfaction is the most important factor to consider before choosing any option. Your life may be simple or complex depending upon your decision. What you wish or what you suppose you need alterations when there is very small amount of money in your bank account. The truth of being economically deprived has its own advantages. A life without the stress of spending is one type of freedom also. Some of the benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle are that our view is no longer jammed with paying attention to the newest fashion, or cell phone. We differently look at our lives. We study what it is we actually value in our world. We spotlight more on our relationships, and for this reason, we give more attention to them. You will able to utilize your valuable to achieve your passions or goals when your time is not consumed in the planning of spending money. Defining your objectives without interruption of grasping urges that are a delusion to your pleasure. You can better control and manage your life. You understand what it is that you actually need to be glad. You study to cook your foods with foresight; you learn the speculate of reading once more. You can enjoy your life with fun as a kid enjoy in playing different games. There is no chance for argument with your partner regarding financial matters. Your conversations become different with your partner. This is proved that in most of the cases relationships are break among couples due to financial reasons. When you have a lot of money and huge bank balance you will have only stress nothing else. When your house, your haven, is jumbled from all your expenses, all those must buys, is it actually calm? Or is that just a new type of confusion you reside in. Do you choose your friends by what they possess, or who actually they are? Minimalist lifestyle causes you to change your values of life. This life style exposes your interior thinking. Minimalist lifestyle will not make you a miser that doesn’t want a good living. If you think so, this is not the fact. The fact about minimalism is that you can spend your money and time to fulfill your aim and passion when you stop spending on those items that you don't require. You can better utilize your money for a satisfied and peaceful life.



Minimalism living style has been around for thousands of years but its popularity increased lately.  Possibly it happened because many people, used to living a material life, are not satisfied with their life and started to question that why they are not satisfied, why the things don’t make them happy. Some people are realizing the fact that by living with less they can get more.
The Minimalism is a lifestyle that involves living with only those things required for happiness, health and comfort.
I like to take a softer approach to being a minimalist person, being a minimalist is not a destination, it is a journey. Some people may want to get rid of every single needless item in their house as soon as possible. But for me, getting rid of unnecessary stuffs is also enjoyable.
Take an example of roller coaster, visualize the top of the hill as a purchase. There is a temporary thrill but then it is all downward. Next part where get off is called ownership. The decluttering is the end of the ride, in this stage you all smiles because it is all over. This is when you are all smiles because it is finally over. Enjoy the procedure with embracing the final stage.
 To be a minimalist, you don’t need to give up all your property. I just want you to understand that you should give up those things what is bringing you down or things those are not necessary to improve your life.
You don’t worry about to be a minimalist, where you try to decrease your possessions below a specific number. Possessing less than 100 items is not the objective, in my view, minimalism is different for every individual and you will get advantage if you decrease your possession up to your comfort level.
Today, it is very hard to imagine that having less could be more beneficial to us. All want to acquire new and fancy things. There may be nothing wrong for some people but during reading this article you may notice that material possessions will not brought you happiness in life. So, you should get ready to get more from less. If the concept is clear in your mind, then you will get more happiness without having more things.



Minimalism isn't only a fashion or a trend. It is a lifestyle. It affects the mode you live your life. There are many grounds why minimalism is recommended-and how it workings. Mainly significant thing is it declutters. With it, you have no room for immoderation or all that are needless.
How do you best live with becoming a minimalist? Here are some tips:
1. Start slowly. As mentioned, it's a lifestyle. Therefore, it needs to be a practice, and you don't form habits instantly. It takes time of repeated actions. You should then start slowly. For example, you may desire to stop buying furniture and fixture first until you're sure that you have already determined the things you really need at home. Reduce your spending every month until you reach your desired budget, one that supports all your needs.
2. Go for the most fundamental things. Again, let's go back to one of the principles of minimalism: removal of the excesses. Whatever you don't require, you don't get. If you don't have it, then you let go of it. Instead you focus more on those that you truly need in life. For example, you don't need to live in a three-bedroom house when there will only be two people living there. You don't require a king-size bed when you can fit in a queen-size.
3. Be with minimalist people. You'll definitely go back to your old ways if you still decide to hang out with those who live very extravagant lives. If you want to be a minimalist, then hang out more with those who are profligate. You can also use your time with them to study more on how they live simple lives.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not telling you gully at all. However, since you're trying to change your lifestyle, you better select to whom to spend more of your time.
4. Learn to let go. You'll surely let go some things and even some people when you're trying to be minimalistic, and for someone who's been keeping them, it's going to be a very complex and sometimes long process.
Letting go is hard because it means saying good-bye. There's also the possibility that you've previously attached yourself to them. To let go then is losing a part of you too. If you're having a hard time doing this, think about using subliminal messages or affirmations. A few days before the pruning process, listen to them. You can download them as mp3s or videos. These affirmations may carry messages about acceptance, about freedom, and about simplicity.
5. Focus more on the improvement of your inner self. You'll discover how easy it is for you to let go of the things you don't need when you start spending more time with the nurturing of your inner self. Rather than shop, immerse yourself in nature. Love people more than material possessions. Give more time than things to those who are in need.



Without any intention to say that the lifestyle of the people at this recent time is not really that good, but, that’s the reality. We can see how the people have become so individualistic nowadays. People start to think more about their own selves and they do not really care about the others. Sometimes, this kind of condition has become so extreme. The people have some kind of tendency to make sure they can get what they want and feel satisfied even though the methods to achieve such condition make the other suffer. However, at this point, we are not going to talk about it. Instead, we are going to talk about something much simpler but it can be said to become the part of the individualism which can lead to many other pathetic conditions. What we are going to talk about here is about materialism.
If you are not really aware about what materialism actually is, you can take the example of how the people see the material more than its content or main function. To make it simpler for you to comprehend about this, you can take the example of how the people totally want to choose the branded clothes instead of the regular clothes. We all know that both of those clothes have the same function: to be worn and to protect our bodies. However, whenever we are wearing branded clothes, there is some additional matter that we will get and it is about prestige. Indeed, compared to the main function of the clothes, prestige is something that needs to be put aside or we can say that it is just a mere additional feature. Nonetheless, the people at this recent time seem to be more concerned about the brand and prestige more. No matter how uncomfortable they need to feel whenever they are wearing the clothes or the money they need to spend to get such clothes, they do not care as long as they can get such prestige. They feel so great just to make the other people feel impressed with the way they wear their clothes and also how expensive the clothes are. It’s totally ridiculous and this is what materialism means. The people see the surface more than the real thing. They have been entrapped and this is surely not a good thing. The people start living complicated life which can make them suffer even though they do not really feel it.
What can be more annoying about this is how the people tend to do anything as long as they can get what they want. Yes, they have become the victims of materialism. Sometimes, there is some kind of competition among the people about what they wear. They compete each other to prove that they are able to get the expensive branded clothes. This is totally not a good thing and needs to be stopped immediately. If you do not realize it, you have become the slave of materialism. Why don’t you free yourself from materialism? Remember that as long as you can fulfill your basic needs, everything is going to be just fine. There is no need to pay attention more to the prestige and what the other people think about yourself. As long as you do not do anything bad and make the other suffer, you should feel okay. Live simpler life and you can find that greater happiness will be yours indeed.

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