In this conference Yann Arthus Bertrand shows aerial imagery and tells us about the environmental impact that man has on earth, the end of oil, the rise in sea temperature due to global warming, the melting of the Arctic ice, the tickness is reduce  Arctic  is reduce by more than 40% from 1960 to present, environmental exploitation of sea and earth and of the possible consequences. His project  of personal interviews around the world "6  Billion Others" and the presentation his documentary "Home".
After watching  this video of the conference Yann Arthus Bertrand you realize that is a very high price to pay for our planet in terms environmental and social to maintain a consumerist lifestyle and to wonder whether all those things that we believe are essential to really, begin to see things from a different prospective and with a minimalist lifestyle is rewarding  to know  that we do good even a little to our  planet.

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