Minimalist jargon of which often to talk is "Decluttering" in the sense to cut off in the our life all the things in more for  to arrive of to have the things that we consider usefuls and indispensable. Can be start to do decluttering with the clothes on the wardrobe that we don't use or that we don't like more, clothing is a basic need, but how many clothes do you need? The consumerism boom has led many of us to believe that shopping for clothes is the ultimate way to de-stress. This is not true. In fact, if you let your happyness depend on how many clothes you have, then you will never be satisfied no matter how much you shop. Think about how simple life would be, if you did not have to get up everyday and worry about what to wear. Do you wear every single piece of clothing you have? Try to live by the rule that if you do not use a piece of cloting for more than three months,we can to sale or give as a gift. How to declutter your house? Start with any one room in your house, if it is too much for you, do one drawer at a time. Divide all the things in three categories: Need, Donate/Sell and Dispose. Decide why you need something and how you life will be affected, if you do not have it. Every item you own must have a purpose. If you can do without something, either sell it or dispose it, according to the condition and value of the object. Think about how it could be beneficial to someone and accordingly donate it. With your old photo, you can to scan and memorize in digital format on your hard disk on the PC, and to save space that the photo albums take up, also with your CD,DVD  you can save a lot of space from your shelves and transfer them to the hard disk of your computer. You can to do decluttering with our consumption, with our way of live making it more ecosustainable saving energetically, can to do decluttering stopping to be multitasking in our way of live, to linger overt the most  important things to be omitting the item  that make us waste time. Decluttering is also you will be a true Minimalist.

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