So, what do you think of your life at this recent time? Some of you might find your life is just fine and you are happy with it. However, think about it one more time. This time, make sure you do it thoroughly. If you still find it joyful to live your current life, well, congratulations. However, the chance for you to feel that way is really low. Sorry to say that way but it is the reality. There are so many problems out there to hamper your life and your desire to enjoy it. No matter how small and simple the problems are, they have occupied certain portion of your brain. In one way or another, the quality of your life will be affected for sure.
This situation is something you need to solve as soon as possible or otherwise it will make your life become so pathetic. What you need to do is to declutter your mind. The point is to make sure your mind can be free from the problem and the other potentials to bring negative effect to it. Do you think it is easy to do? Well, just give it a try. Most people are not really aware about the way to declutter the mind. Remember that to forget about the problems is not similar to make it get away of your mind. It is totally a good thing for you to avoid having the problems in the first place. But, how can you avoid those problems if they have become the part of your life. True, problems are also the ones to make the life itself. That is why you cannot avoid them. Instead, you can try to solve the problems you are currently having or you try to minimize the chance to get your life being troubled.
Now, about the method, what do you think is the best way to deal with such mind decluttering. Many people have actually made mistake about it. They think we need to be grateful with the various kinds of matter that can be “helpful” to let us deal with our daily life. Take the example of the technology development. Well, without any intention to say that the technology development is bad thing, but it is necessary to state that such matter has become one of the causing factors for the people to have cluttered minds. It is because they have been so dependant to the technology development. There are so many gadgets and devices at this recent time. Can you count how many people out there are holding their gadgets? Perhaps, it is easier to count the people who do not have the gadget with them because the amount will be really low or you cannot find such people at all. From this condition, you can take a conclusion that the people have become so addicted to use the gadget and device. It is like you have been addicted to alcohol and drug. Things will feel wrong if you have not used the alcohol and drug. The same thing will also happen to the people. They will find it troublesome if they cannot find the device and gadgets with them. Since when have we become like this?
True, the technology development can make our lives easier and thus, it should help us declutter the mind. But, it will not happen if we have become addicted to it. The medicine has become poison. That is why you can start reducing the use of gadget and device around you. Remember that the people a few years ago did not have those things and they could live just fine. And life was not that complicated back then. Yes, this method can become the very simple way for you to declutter your mind and help you get rid of the stress as well as pressure which have been accumulated in your mind. Give it a try and share what you experience when you have done it.

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