Cut Waste is a good way to save money and contribute in a positive way to deal with the energy and environmental  crisis. There are many ways to cut waste i will list some.
CAR: By good minimalist might not even own one but for those who possess prevent to use if really there is no neither nedd. If you can just take a nice walk or take the bus, you can opt for the bike that can do very well to our physical. The car you may also decide to share it with our friends or neighbors.
ELECTRICITY: use energy saving light bulbs, avoid leaving light on in the room of our house if you don't need, avoid leave electrical appliances of home in stand by because that little light turned-on  has an energy cost and economic, so turn off them or use a power  strip  if there  are multiple devices.
WATER:  check if  there  are any  leaks   in the pipe, make sure the faucet doesn't  drip, install flow reducers in the bathroom faucet has a flow rate approximately 10 liters per minute, rather than leave it open while brushing teeth, shaving, or wash air.
The use of the shower in comparison to the bathtub for less waste water. Close the tap when don't use so you will avoid unnecessary waste. Always use washing machine a full loads so that you consume less water and energy.
HEATING: In winter doen't keep in the house tropical temperatures, according to research house in winter  the ideal temperature is 19-20 degrees, put heat reflective insulation panels behind radiators, install seals the profile of doors and windows if lacking, avoid covering radiators with furniture or curtains.
-It needs to go in the direction of a virtuos change where you avoid wastage for a more  sustainable  future  where  you have the awareness that  many times less is more.-

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