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Minimalism isn't only a fashion or a trend. It is a lifestyle. It affects the mode you live your life. There are many grounds why minimalism is recommended-and how it workings. Mainly significant thing is it declutters. With it, you have no room for immoderation or all that are needless.
How do you best live with becoming a minimalist? Here are some tips:
1. Start slowly. As mentioned, it's a lifestyle. Therefore, it needs to be a practice, and you don't form habits instantly. It takes time of repeated actions. You should then start slowly. For example, you may desire to stop buying furniture and fixture first until you're sure that you have already determined the things you really need at home. Reduce your spending every month until you reach your desired budget, one that supports all your needs.
2. Go for the most fundamental things. Again, let's go back to one of the principles of minimalism: removal of the excesses. Whatever you don't require, you don't get. If you don't have it, then you let go of it. Instead you focus more on those that you truly need in life. For example, you don't need to live in a three-bedroom house when there will only be two people living there. You don't require a king-size bed when you can fit in a queen-size.
3. Be with minimalist people. You'll definitely go back to your old ways if you still decide to hang out with those who live very extravagant lives. If you want to be a minimalist, then hang out more with those who are profligate. You can also use your time with them to study more on how they live simple lives.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not telling you gully at all. However, since you're trying to change your lifestyle, you better select to whom to spend more of your time.
4. Learn to let go. You'll surely let go some things and even some people when you're trying to be minimalistic, and for someone who's been keeping them, it's going to be a very complex and sometimes long process.
Letting go is hard because it means saying good-bye. There's also the possibility that you've previously attached yourself to them. To let go then is losing a part of you too. If you're having a hard time doing this, think about using subliminal messages or affirmations. A few days before the pruning process, listen to them. You can download them as mp3s or videos. These affirmations may carry messages about acceptance, about freedom, and about simplicity.
5. Focus more on the improvement of your inner self. You'll discover how easy it is for you to let go of the things you don't need when you start spending more time with the nurturing of your inner self. Rather than shop, immerse yourself in nature. Love people more than material possessions. Give more time than things to those who are in need.



Without any intention to say that the lifestyle of the people at this recent time is not really that good, but, that’s the reality. We can see how the people have become so individualistic nowadays. People start to think more about their own selves and they do not really care about the others. Sometimes, this kind of condition has become so extreme. The people have some kind of tendency to make sure they can get what they want and feel satisfied even though the methods to achieve such condition make the other suffer. However, at this point, we are not going to talk about it. Instead, we are going to talk about something much simpler but it can be said to become the part of the individualism which can lead to many other pathetic conditions. What we are going to talk about here is about materialism.
If you are not really aware about what materialism actually is, you can take the example of how the people see the material more than its content or main function. To make it simpler for you to comprehend about this, you can take the example of how the people totally want to choose the branded clothes instead of the regular clothes. We all know that both of those clothes have the same function: to be worn and to protect our bodies. However, whenever we are wearing branded clothes, there is some additional matter that we will get and it is about prestige. Indeed, compared to the main function of the clothes, prestige is something that needs to be put aside or we can say that it is just a mere additional feature. Nonetheless, the people at this recent time seem to be more concerned about the brand and prestige more. No matter how uncomfortable they need to feel whenever they are wearing the clothes or the money they need to spend to get such clothes, they do not care as long as they can get such prestige. They feel so great just to make the other people feel impressed with the way they wear their clothes and also how expensive the clothes are. It’s totally ridiculous and this is what materialism means. The people see the surface more than the real thing. They have been entrapped and this is surely not a good thing. The people start living complicated life which can make them suffer even though they do not really feel it.
What can be more annoying about this is how the people tend to do anything as long as they can get what they want. Yes, they have become the victims of materialism. Sometimes, there is some kind of competition among the people about what they wear. They compete each other to prove that they are able to get the expensive branded clothes. This is totally not a good thing and needs to be stopped immediately. If you do not realize it, you have become the slave of materialism. Why don’t you free yourself from materialism? Remember that as long as you can fulfill your basic needs, everything is going to be just fine. There is no need to pay attention more to the prestige and what the other people think about yourself. As long as you do not do anything bad and make the other suffer, you should feel okay. Live simpler life and you can find that greater happiness will be yours indeed.



Have you ever met someone who seems to have a messed up life? Or you might even feel that way? True, to have such situation is totally annoying and frustrating. It seems that there’s nothing going right with your life. If this condition carries on, without any doubt, you will be overwhelmed and your mind is blow away. Of course, you do not want such situation to continue but you barely know what should be done about it. Well, before we talk even further about how to solve it, let’s walk backward a little. What’s the source of such messed up life? It is true that the causing factors for the people to have such stressful life can be highly varied. However, if you take a look at the factors closely, you’ll find that there is a line to connect all of it. It is about how the people have lived complicated lives. To be exact, they choose to make their lives to be complicated. And most of them do not realize it. If the stressful life is actually your life, you are highly recommended to carry on reading this article so you can understand that your life is actually really complicated. We all know that our whole activities are actually directed and processed in the brain. In other words, the brain plays enormously important role for the life. Even though its ability is really awesome but our brains have limitation. Pathetically, not all people know about their limits. Whenever they have gone across the limit, the brain will start to be overwhelmed and the things mentioned earlier will happen. The life will not feel right and there is no way for the person to feel comfortable about his own life. It is like there is something haunting over and over. If you want some proofs, let’s take a look at the simple things first. Take the example of how you are going to make transaction like when you are buying some things. How will you pay it? People nowadays like to use credit card. It seems so simple and easy because you don’t need to bring your real money. This is the tricky situation I meant before. Beyond such simplicity, there is a huge trap waiting which can be solved if you are wise enough in using the credit card. It is good if you can really “use” it. Or else, well, you can see how there are so many people end up indebted to the bank because of the credit card. Things will be different if you forget about using credit card and use your money instead. If you don’t have the money, you won’t be able to purchase the things. It’s that simple! And there is no way for you to be indebted to the bank. Why do you use something to represent your money if your money itself can do the same exact thing? Why do you complicate the thing? And that’s the whole point I want you to understand. It is the time for us to live in a minimalist way. If you choose to complicate the things, it will be even harder for you to enjoy the life. Remember that we only live our lives once and it will end when we die. Why do we complicate this single chance? We can take a look at the people who lives in the past time. They lived without any complicated things like the technology and gadgets like what we have today. However, they could live just fine. True, the technology development is something so awesome and it is inevitable. But, we must not become the slaves for the technology. Try to simplify the things in our lives starting from the small matters. Get used to it, and you’ll find that your life will be a lot much more comfortable to get through. There is no need for you to be stressed anymore and your brain will not be too burdened.


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